Shaykh Murtada Mutahhari: Reformation and Renewal of Islamic Thought by Dr. Khanjar Hamiyyah, Translated by Muhammad Zamin and Zainab Alayan

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Presented here is a general and concise review of the main intellectual, philosophical, and religious elements in the reformation project of Martyr Murtada Mutahhari and the foundations upon which he based his call for the revival of Islamic religious thought.

Shaykh Martyr Murtada Mutahhari was a unique personality distinguished from many of his contemporaries for two main reasons. Firstly, the originality and contemporary relevance of his approach. When one surveys the issues covered by Mutahhari, it is as if one is reviewing today's contemporary problems rather than those of the past. He wrote on topics such as divine justice, social justice, Islamic social movements and the Hijab (Islamic veil), amongst others, all of which continue to be pertinent issues that engage the minds of both the young and old. Secondly, the most notable features of Mutahhari are his openness to contemporary issues and his willingness to plunge into the depths of the severe challenges confronting religious thought during his time.

What distinguishes Mutahhari from other advocates in this area, however, is that he was simultaneously a reformer and a traditionalist. His defensive role neither drove him towards a closed and introverted outlook nor did his goal of reform lead him to lapse into forsaking core principles. The reader will be left inspired by this unique contribution on the life and thought of perhaps the most extraordinary mind of the 20th century.

Year: 2021


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