Debwania (Olive Tree Project)

The olive tree is a symbol of Palestinian steadfastness, heritage, and identity. Planting olive trees during Land Day in Palestine stands for the peaceful resistance against occupation and against the cruel destruction of Palestinian olive trees.

Six olive trees will be planted on your behalf in Palestine with a purchase of a Debwania photo. Via email, you will be notified as to where specifically we planted the olive trees. Our goal is to plant 1,000 olive trees in Palestine during Land Day every year.

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Hanan Awad is a Palestinian-American street photographer based in Oklahoma and a member of “The Arab Photo Agency.” Her photos have been exhibited around the world: having had solo exhibitions in Abu Dhabi (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017), Houston (2018 and 2019), and Gallery Al-Quds in Washington D.C. (2019). With a keen eye for endangered places and traditions, Hanan's photos document the tragedy of the physical and cultural forced displacement of Palestinians and narrate the story of Palestinian resilience and resistance against the colonialist occupation of Palestine.  

After witnessing the forced displacement of the Jahalin Bedouins, Hanan became interested in their history. She devoted several years of research and fieldwork to the Jahalin community and wrote her MA thesis about their plight. In 2012, she established the Olive Tree Project that plants 1,000 olive trees in Palestine annually. 

Price: $85/photo and planting of 6 olive trees in Palestine