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Middle East Books and More is a project of the American Educational Trust, a non-profit, non-partisan organization incorporated in 1982 in Washington, DC by retired U.S. Foreign Service Officers.

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For 40 years, the American Educational Trust (AET) has been promoting U.S.-Middle East understanding with an emphasis on informed debate on the Arab-Israeli peace process. Early in AET's development, its founders established the AET Book Club to meet the recognized need for quality books about the region and U.S. policies there.

To provide these books, the American Educational Trust began importing thousands of titles about the Middle East from Europe. Four times a year, shipments crossed the Atlantic in sea containers to be sold by the newly-formed AET Book Club. Years later, American publishers began to recognize the market for quality, objective books about the Middle East, and began printing thousands of titles in the United States.

In August of 2003, AET partnered with Celebrate Presence, a project in Hereford, MD selling Palestinian arts and crafts, to create International Marketing for Middle Eastern Artisans (IMMEA). In 2005, AET assumed responsibility for a large portion of the project, and these products were officially incorporated into the organization as the Palestinian Arts & Crafts Trust (PACT). The AET Book Club and PACT are now under the banner of Middle East books and More. 

Middle East Books and More is advertised in and supported by AET's primary project, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a magazine published eight times per year in Washington, DC. The Washington Report began in 1982 as a bi-weekly eight-page newsletter. Today, it is a 76-page full-color magazine recognized worldwide as a leader in its field. The Washington Report publishes a wide variety of views from and about the Middle East by Muslim, Jewish, and Christian writers, many of whom live or have lived in the region.

Throughout the years, the American Educational Trust has relied on Washington Report subscribers and patrons to help us constantly improve our services. Ultimately, none of our efforts matter unless our customers are satisfied. Please contact us and let us know what you think about the site.

Finally, please stop in often and check out our Featured section, where we'll list new titles as they come in as well as our Sale section for the best deals on Middle East Books. You can also join our Facebook Group to keep updated about our events. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.