Happy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year by Najmieh Batmanglij

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Nowruz – the Persian New Year – is one of the world’s great festivals, a full month of activities celebrating the earth, the arrival of spring, and the rebirth of nature. Most of all, it is a festival for families. Children and adults alike can share in preparing special meals, decorating the house, and performing the many ceremonies that welcome the New Year. This book is a guide to customs thousands of years old yet as vital as ever – enjoyable for families no matter where they live or what their beliefs.

Happy Nowruz offers twenty-five fun, easy, and innovative Nowruz recipes, with lots of photos to show you what to do. This is an ideal guide for parents, teachers, and kids – age six and older – to know more about the origins of Nowruz and to get everyone involved in preparing for the arrival of spring by: • baking Haji Firuz cookies • germinating seeds in eggshells • coloring eggs • making a Nowruz garland • jumping over fires • setting the Haft-sinn (seven-s) holiday table • planting narcissus and hyacinth bulbs • selecting and buying goldfish • banging spoons for trick-or-treating • cooking the Nowruz dinner • enjoying the Outdoor Thirteen picnics

Year: 2015

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