Wild Poppies by Haya Saleh, Translated by Marcia Lynx Qualey

$ 17.99

Two brothers fight to reunite amidst the turmoil of the Syrian War.


Since the passing of their father, Omar has tried--and in his little brother Sufyan's eyes, failed--to be the man of his family of Syrian refugees. As Omar waits in line for rations, longing for the books he left behind when his family fled their home, Sufyan explores more nontraditional methods to provide for his family. Ignoring his brother's warnings, Sufyan gets more and more involved with a group that provides him with big rewards for doing seemingly inconsequential tasks.


When the group abruptly gets more intense--taking Sufyan and other boys away from their families, teaching them how to shoot guns--Sufyan realizes his brother is right. But is it too late for Sufyan to get out of this?


It's left to the bookish Omar to rescue his brother and reunite his family. He will have to take charge and be brave in ways he has never dared to before.

Year: 2023


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