What Did We Do to Deserve This? Palestinian Life Under Occupation in the West Bank by Mark Howell

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Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank (June 1967), this timely book exposes the realities of daily life for Palestinians in the West Bank in the twenty-first century. During visits to the West Bank, Mark Howell took photographs of and did interviews with ordinary Palestinians. Thanks to this unvarnished viewpoint, the book is able to look at all aspects of daily life ranging from restrictions on movement and imprisonment to the effects of the occupation on business, the practicing of religion and the development of democracy.

By providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding of how Israel’s policies in the West Bank affect the lives of real people on the ground, the book cuts through the smokescreens and political correctness that pervade coverage of the issue and offers the reader a new platform from which to form his or her own opinions.


Year: 2007


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