Visa Denied: How Anti-Arab Visa Policies Destroy Us Exports, Jobs and Higher Education by Grant F. Smith

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Visa processing barriers limiting inbound international business and pleasure travelers cost the United States economy billions of dollars in direct revenues while severing vital communications links to the Arab market. Total Arab market import demand has more than doubled since the year 2001, but US corporations attempting to close deals are stymied by visa barriers that turn away even longtime Arab business visitors, including trainees seeking to enter the US. The US has already lost US$62 billion in merchandise trade to competitors maintaining "open door" visa policies through 2005. Cumulative opportunity cost losses are on track to reach a total of $101 billion in 2006 as "turnkey" infrastructure projects, defense, consumer goods, and industrial machinery deals flow to US competitors. This book exposes these problems and suggests solutions for avoiding permanent damage to vital trade and communications links between the US and this key region.

Year: 2007


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