The Saga of Survival: Armenian Palestinians, the British Mandate and the Nakba by Varsen Aghabekian

$ 25.00

The book depicts the life of the Armenian community during the British Mandate in Palestine. It contributes to the overall narrative about the political and socioeconomic aspects prior to the Nakba and the fundamental changes which have occurred to the indigenous and the uninterrupted presence of Armenians in Palestine. It sheds light on the challenges of the period especially in the year 1948, touching upon Armenian Palestinian's human and material loses, and the long standing impact on the Armenian presence in the Holy Land, enormously affected by a second time refuge to many Armenians.It highlights the Armenian contribution towards protecting and safeguarding the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, recreating the scene through the experiences of those who lived the period or through their descendants.

Year: 2023


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