The Refinement of Character: Tahdhaib Al-Akhlaaq by Ahmad ibn Muhammad Miskawayh, Translated by Constantine K. Zurayk

$ 35.00

Abu Ali Ahmad ibn-Muhammad ibn Yaqub Miskawayh was an active scholar in many fields of knowledge in 10th century A.D. Iran. In the area of ethics, the Tahdhib is his most important and influential work. While referring to Quranic verses and Traditions of the Prophet (ahadith), Tahdhib also relates to the Greek philosophico-ethical tradition which was specifically called ilm al-akhlaq (the Science of Ethics). The Tahdhib or Refinement of Character consists of six discourses: The Principles of Ethics, Character and its Refinement, The Good and its Division, Justice, Love and Friendship, and The Health of the Soul.

Year: 2002 / 2014


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