The National Summit to Reassess the U.S. - Israel "Special Relationship 2014

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American Educational Trust

National Summit, 2014, DVD.

THOUSANDS OF C-SPAN VIEWERS and attendees watched the groundbreaking National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special Relationship,” held on March 7, 2014. This DVD contains the presentations of all 24 speakers at the historic event. Distinguished speakers including Stephen Walt, Mark Perry, Geoffrey Wawro, Paul Pillar and Ernie Gallo examined the damage this special relationship causes to American security and prestige.

MONTHS BEFORE ISRAEL’S LATEST ASSAULT on Gaza participants sounded the alarm on the impact of U.S. financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel.

FILMED ON MARCH 7, 2014 in Washington, DC, this DVD presents the summit’s entire proceedings. Military, diplomatic, intelligence, academic and other experts examine the impact of the U.S. - Israel relationship on Americans. Watch it and plan to attend the 2015 summit!