The Israeli Security Industries: Strategic and Economic Roles (Arabic) Edited by Ahmad Khalifeh, Compiled by Randa Haidar

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Since Israel lacks strategic depth to counter the attacking armies, it relies on specific concepts in its security doctrine, including two major concepts: the reliance on self-initiative in the arms industry, and the patronage by a major power. Although the Israeli industrial sector can meet most of the army's needs, and although this makes Israel one of the top weapons-exporting nations, the Israeli industry cannot meet all the army's needs in equipment and technology in a sufficient manner that would guarantee the army the element of surprise against its enemies.

This booklet includes two studies that highlight the tension between these two factors. In the first study, Jacob Livshits discusses the "strategic and economic function of the security industries in Israel" as well as their contradictions and fluctuations. He calls for the restoration of balance between security industries destined for exportation and meeting the army's needs in technology and force-multiplying equipment. In the second study, the authors Efraim Inbar and Olvayt Singh Ningtujam talk about "the Indian-Israeli cooperation in defense in the twenty-first century".

Ahmad Khalifeh is a senior research fellow in Hebrew at the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) Beirut office.

Randa Haidar Is the editor of "Mukhtarat min al-Suhuf al-Ibriyah", the daily bulletin published by the Institute for Palestine Studies.

Year: 2013


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