The Faith of Islam: An Explanatory Sketch of the Principal Fundamental Tenets of the Moslem Religion

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The subject matter contained in this little work was originally delivered in the form of three lectures in Vernon Hall, Liverpool. Some of the author’s co-religionists suggested that these lectures should be published as a pamphlet for public circulation. However, as he had only kept a few notes of his remarks on these occasions, the writer deemed it wiser to re-write the matter in its present form. His greatest embarrassment has been to condense into the smallest possible space a concise yet fair and accurate statement of the tenets held by Muslims, and he trusts that he has not carried the process of condensation too far, and that this little work will remove some of the prejudices of these who hold a different belief, and that he has been able to place the main principles of the faith of Islam in an intelligible and, as far as possible, interesting form.

—Abdullah "William Henry" Quilliam (July 1889)

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