Savushun: A Novel About Modern Iran by Simin Daneshvar

$ 25.00

"A very engaging saga..." Washington Post Book World; "A powerfully resonant work.." Publishers Weekly; "Outstanding foreign fiction..." USA Today. Savushun (pronounced "sa-voo-shoon") is a folk tradition, surviving in Southern Iran from an undateable pre-islamic past, that conjures hope in spite of everything. The novel chronicles the life of a Persian family during the World War II Allied occupation of Iran. It is set in Shiraz, a town which evokes images of Persepolis and pre-islamic monuments, the great Persian poets, the shrines, sufis and nomadic tribes all within a historical web of the interests, privilege and influence of foreign powers, corruption, incompetence and arrogance of persons in authority. The story is seen through the eyes of Zari, a young wife, and mother, who copes with her idealistic husband while struggling with her desire for traditional family life and her need for an individual identity. simin daneshvar lives and continues to write in Iran.

Year: 1991


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