Prison Writings: The PKK and the Kurdish Question in the 21st Century by Abdullah Öcalan

$ 25.00

In his second book, Abdullah Öcalan applies the political and historical philosophy that was developed in the first volume of his Prison Writings to the Kurdish question. The book addresses the concrete political issues at the center of the Kurdish question. Öcalan calls for a "Renaissance of the Middle East" where the integration of democratic Western values and universal human rights with the deeply rooted cultural values of the Middle Eastern societies, especially the Kurdish, will form a new synthesis of civilizations.

A collection of the PKK founder's writing from solitary confinement as the only prisoner on Imrali Island in the Turkish Sea of Marmara, this book provides an interesting Marxist analysis of regional history as well as Öcalan's vision for a new Middle East. Translated by Klaus Happel.

Year: 2011


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