Out of the Frame: The Struggle for Academic Freedom in Israel by Ilan Pappe

$ 26.95

In Out of the Frame, controversial Israeli writer Ilan Pappe gives a full account of his break with mainstream Israeli scholarship and its consequences. Growing up in a conventional Israeli community influenced by the utopian visions of Theodor Herzl, Pappe was barely aware of the Nakba in his high school years. Here he traces his journey of discovery from the whispers of Palestinian classmates to his realization that the "enemy's" narrative of the events of 1948 was correct. After completing his thesis at Oxford University based on recently declassified documents in the early 1980s, he returned to Palestine determined to protect the memory of the Nakba and struggle for the rectification of its evils. For the first time he gives the details of the formidable opposition he faced in Israel, including death threats fed by the media, denunciations by the Knesset and calls for him to be sacked from his post at Haifa university. This revealing work, written with dignity and humor, highlights Israel's difficulty in facing up to its past and forging a peaceful, inclusive future in Palestine.

Year: 2010


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