My Name Is Bilal by Asma Mobin-Uddin and Barbara Kiwak

$ 10.00

Bilal watches from a distance as his sister, Ayesha, walks toward their new school. He sees two boys following closely behind her. Suddenly, one of the boys grabs Ayesha's headscarf and gives it a tug. Bilal knows he should come to the aid of his sister, but he's frozen with fear. Is this what it will be like to be the only Muslim kids in school? Maybe it would be better if he hid that he is Muslim. Maybe then kids would leave him alone. But what about Ayesha? Mr. Ali, one of Bilal's teachers and also Muslim, sees how the boy is struggling. He gives Bilal a book about the first person to give the call to prayer during the time of Muhammad. That person was another Bilal: Bilal Ibn Rabah. What Bilal learns from the book forms the compelling story of a young boy wrestling with his identity. Asma Mobin-Uddin's story about religious prejudice is heartfelt and compelling, and beautifully illustrated by Barbara Kiwak. 


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