Mithlia: A Collection of Poems by Mohammad S. Arafat

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I wrote this book before the beginning of the summer brutality in 2014 on Gaza. I wanted to publish it on the day of the anniversary of the 1948 Palestinian Nakbah, but we were still under aggression. In the lines of this book, I want to show the world how Palestine and especially the Palestinian refugees have been suffering since the time of that harrowing catastrophe. My aim is not let the world forget our right of return, the right every suffering refugee has been waiting for. We all hope that Palestine will get its freedom so its people can live in peace and safety.

Mohammad Arafat is a Gazan young writer who was born in 1992 in Gaza city. He was nurtured in a poor environment with his humble family. He began his educational life in 1997 and moved from one school to another as he was not good enough in getting marks. As a result, he decided to leave the school to find a job so he could help his family, but his parents kept encouraging and supporting him to overcome the difficulties. Over time, the teachers, especially of English, knew his name and loved him so much so that motivated him to continue and not to care about the hardships. He kept his success and lessened his low marks. In 2009 he reached the secondary general examination degree where he got 84,6%. That was his first step to be a good person who can be a little voice for his country. In 2010 he joined the Islamic university of Gaza in spite of his bad financial situation. Finally in 2014 he graduated from that university with his bachelor degree of English language and still waiting for a new success to achieve.

Year: 2014


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