Jihad: The Mahdi Rebellion in the Sudan by Murray S. Fradin

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The Book You MUST Read to Understand JIHAD and America's Challenge in the Middle East Murray S. Fradin, B.A., M.A., an historian and Middle East Specialist, has drawn upon his research to bring out a new edition of Jihad: The Mahdi Rebllion in the Sudan.In it he hopes to show uncanny parallels between this century-old war and the events occurring today in the Middle East-including the rise of radical Islamic movements and the Iraqi crisis.It is Mr. Fradin's thesis that long-standing differences in the Middle East can eventually be replaced by more powerful democratic forces at the birth of the 21st century.Are these the questions you want answers to?Why is the Arab world turning against Europe and the United States?How are the forces of religion, politics, and culture being twisted to suit the aspirations of would-be tyrants and dictators?Why do "messianic" leaders preaching jihad or "holy war" hold center stage today?Is America ahead or behind the curve in Middle East politics?Is the Iraqi conflict only about oil?If you would like answers to all or any of these questions, then you must read JIHAD: The Mahdi Rebellion in the Sudan.

Year: 2003


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