Jebel Marra: Stories by Michelle Green

$ 15.00 $ 15.95

Inspired by working for a humanitarian aid agency in West Darfur, poet Michelle Green’s collection of short stories explores some of the complexities of the ongoing war in Darfur, and draws upon her own experiences as well as her subsequent research. Though the stories are fictional, they are all rooted in a particular time and place, and informed by the day-to-day realities of life in a time of chaos and horror. They are stories of local traders, aid workers, soldiers, politicians, parents, and children, all living in the middle of what was described by the United Nations as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Exploring and exposing the causes, consequences, and conditions of the war, this collection is a stirring reminder of the intricate issues that still face Darfur since the separation of the Sudan.

Year: 2015


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