Finding Peace in the Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir by Lauren Booth

$ 15.00

The daughter of a Jewish model and troubled TV star Lauren Booth survived a house fire, lived through the excesses of the nineties as an aspiring actress, welcomed ‘our’ Tony Blair into her family, put her life as a parent at risk to report on Palestine, twice, found faith in a mosque in Iran – unsure before she entered whether they would be slaughtering goats or screaming with rage – and then as a new Muslim sobered up, started praying and became a hajji.

Part adventure, part awakening, Lauren’s memoir is an inspirational journey through politics, the press, parenthood and the importance of meaning in a broken world, full of injustice and lacking in faith.

Wryly written, with her British humour striking throughout, what her story also shows is the evolving relationship between culture and religion, and how to embrace the past whilst praying for a better future.

Year: 2018


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