Arab Boy Delivered: A Novel by Paul Aziz Zarou

$ 22.00

Michael Haddad, the teenage son of Palestinian immigrants, comes
of age during the tumultuous sixties in his family's neighborhood grocery store
in New York City. In 1967 Michael maneuvers through the working-class neighborhood delivering groceries and enters the homes and lives of his customers. He's confronted by the violence of racist bullies and falls for the radical college coed who teaches him about sex, love, and protest. Michael grieves with the mother whose only son died in the Vietnam War and is embraced by the first black couple who move into the neighborhood. They all shape him, and through the conflict of hate, acts of kindness, and his sexual awakening, Michael struggles to figure out who this dutiful son of an immigrant family is.

Michael's life is buffeted by the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr, and the death, two months later, of Bobby Kennedy. His girlfriend opens his eyes to the ongoing struggle to test national ideals against the growing diversity of America. But when Michael experiences a sudden personal tragedy, he must learn to get past his fears, come to terms with his heritage, and set himself free.

Year: 2022


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