And Then God Created the Middle East and Said “Let There Be Breaking News”

$ 9.99

“A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew walk into a bar. According to new guidelines on religious tolerance, they enjoy a mutually respectful time.”

“We’re very proud of God in the Middle East. He’s the local guy who went on to acquire international fame.”

“The US exported so much democracy to the Middle East, it ran out of it.”

Bringing together over one hundred of the wildly wry observations and sketches of online sensation Karl reMarks, this is the perfect book for anyone looking to understand the mysterious land of dervishes, falafels, and despotic leaders.

Karl reMarks is the alias of Karl Sharro, whose popular satirical blog receives over 50,000 hits daily. His opinion on matters relating to the Middle East is regularly sought by media outlets, including CNN, The Guardian and The Economist, among others. In 2016 his video, “The simple one-sentence explanation for what caused Isis,” went viral, with 1.6 million views on Facebook alone. Alongside his role as a satirist and commentator on the Middle East, Karl Sharro is also an architect.

Year: 2018


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