Almond Blossoms and Beyond by Mahmoud Darwish

$ 15.00

The first English translation of recent poetry by the late Mahmoud Darwish, the most important Palestinian contemporary poet

"If I die before you, I leave you the impossible."--Mahmoud Darwish, in "Exile"

"A brilliant poet--certainly the most gifted of his generation in the Arab world."--Edward Said

"I can only hope that the day will soon come, especially in English, when Darwish's night and dream, jasmine and almond blossoms are seen for what they are: the private lexicon of a singular and eternal, timeless voice in the history of human literature."--Fady Joudah

The first English translation of the most recent poetry of the late Mahmoud Darwish-Palestine's most important contemporary poet. Threading the beauty and fragility of life into his unparalleled lyrical form, the work makes an excellent read for Darwish aficiados and novices alike.

Year: 2010

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