A Concise History of Revolution by Mehran Kamrava

$ 27.99

Presenting a new framework for the study of revolutions, this innovative exploration of French, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Iranian, South African, and more recent Arab revolutions, provides a theoretically grounded and empirically comprehensive demonstration of how revolutions mean more than mere state collapse and rebuilding. Through the examination of multiple historical case studies, and use of extensive historical examples to explore a range of revolutions, Mehran Kamrava reveals the range and depth of human emotion and motivations that are so prevalent and consequential in revolutions, from personal commitment to sacrifice, determination, leadership ability, charisma, opportunism, and avarice.

  • An innovative and comprehensive study of the French, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Iranian, South African and recent 2011 Arab revolutions
  • Presents a new, multidisciplinary framework for the study of the history of revolutions
  • Provides an accessible, jargon-free examination of the social and political conditions that lead to revolutions, as well as those that follow revolutions

Year: 2019

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