15 Children's Stories in Tunisian Arabic: For Beginner Learners of DERJA The Language of Tunisia

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15 Children's Stories in Tunisian ArabicFor Beginner Learners of DERJA

15 Children's Stories in Tunisian Arabic For Beginner and intermediate Learners of DERJA spoken (and now written!) Language of Tunisia. '15 Children Stories in Tunisian Arabic'' is a new series that aims to provide learners and teachers of Tunisian Arabic and users of our popular textbooks ''Tunisian Arabic in 24 / 30 lessons'' with a useful and enjoyable supplementary learning tool for further reading in Tunisian Arabic in both latin and Arabic scripts. For maximum efficiency, the tales chosen are deliberately easy to read and particularly funny. ''15 Children Stories in Tunisian Arabic'' is a new educational resource that aims to enable lovers of languages and language learners worldwide to read captivating and delightful Tunisian short story or folktale. An excellent resource to Learn, improve and grow vocabulary in Tunisian Arabic the fun way! The short stories in Tunisian Arabic are in latin script transcription, with a guide of phonetic symbols used in this book. Tunisian Arabic latin script is presented in blue color and in parallel text with the English translation. A glossary of vocabulary to retain is listed at the end of most stories.For an in-depth course in Tunisian Arabic, check out our popular textbook ''Tunisian Arabic in 30 Lessons'' for easy, enjoyable and instructive lessons in Tunisian Arabic grammar, morphology and vocabulary, to which the present collection can be an excellent learning supplement.Derja Mastery (DM) is an innovative language education brand that is transforming the way we learn languages. Derja Mastery is on a mission to make Tunisian Arabic learning not just easier, but also a lot more fun.

Year: 2019


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