The Ultimate Algerian Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Algeria To Cook Right Now by Slavka Bodic

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The Algerian cuisine is well-known for its uniqueness and diversity. Over the years, Algeria has mixed with and adopted the unique cultures including Arabic, Ottoman, French, Andalusian, and Berber. As a result of these interactions, the Algerian cuisine expanded. One common characteristic of the Algerian cuisine reflects in its richness of both sea and land products.

Depending on season and region, varieties of dishes can be found in the Algerian cuisine. Yet vegetables and grains remain at the center of it all. You'll usually find vegetables in soups, salads, sauce-based dishes, couscous, and tajines. Generally, though, the Algerian cuisine typically revolves around breads, herbs, olive oil, vegetables, and meals. You can't deny that many healthy and delicious meals can be made from these ingredients.

Now, are you a food enthusiast that just loves to try out new recipes? or are you in Algeria for the first time? It could also be that you're planning to cook for a family event. Whatever the reason, you need the perfect recipe book for delicious Algerian meals.

Year: 2021


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