Mama Malika's Iraqi Cookbook by Malika Muhammad

$ 30.00

This book will enrich your life by presenting a superb collection of recipes from different parts of Iraq. The different varieties of cuisine contained in these savory rich texts will reveal Malika's cooking expertise of 50 years. It will bring forth not only a rich selection of tasty dishes but also present a healthy variety of home-cooked meals with easy to follow instructions. This selection of Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, as well as Assyrian/ Chaldean meals has been enjoyed by many throughout the years and my hope is for you to experience these appetizing and flavorful meals!Example: Norma's Statement: I have eaten Middle Eastern cooking all of my life, Syrian, Greek and Iranian but it was Malika who introduced me to Kurdish and Iraqi cuisine. She manages to produces the most fantastic meals tasting meals using traditional recipes. Her food is healthy, delicious and addicting.

Year: 2015


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