Egyptian Flavors: 50 Recipes by Dyna Eldaief

$ 16.95

The delights of Egypt's flavor-filled cuisine come to life in this beautifully illustrated gift book, bringing quintessential Middle Eastern recipes within the reach of cooks everywhere


Egyptian cuisine is one of the world's oldest and yet least known food traditions. This charming, pocket-sized collection of recipes is the perfect introduction to Egyptian cooking. From classic starters and breakfast dishes like ta'miya (falafel) and fuul medammis (slow-cooked fava beans), to well-loved main meals such as stuffed cabbage leaves (mahshi cromb), and mouthwatering almond pudding and fritter balls soaked in syrup, Egyptian Flavors leads you on a wonderful discovery of this unique and delightful cuisine.


Celebrated chef Dyna Eldaief offers 50 easy-to-follow recipes that are rich with the vegetables, legumes, and meats that are central to Egyptian cooking, calling forth the sun-baked land of the Nile and inviting expert and novice alike to bring exciting new flavors to their home kitchen.

Year: 2021


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