Bridge Between Worlds: A Lebanese-Arab-American Woman's Journey by Hala Lababidi Buck

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In this personal, multifaceted memoir, Hala Buck, a professional artist and integrative therapist, reflects on her mixed Muslim and Christian family, her marriage to an American diplomat, their nomadic life between the Arab World and North America, raising a “Third Culture” daughter, and navigating cultures. Buck’s story finds her as she embarks on a pilgrimage to her birth country, rediscovering her Lebanese roots. The daughter of a Muslim father and Christian mother, Buck explores her childhood in Lebanon––itself a bridge between East and West. She leaves her country of birth to follow her American husband. Through stories, poetry, and watercolors, as well as art therapy, Hala paints us a picture of her transient life in seven Arab countries, West Africa, and Canada. Along the way she discovers and explores what it means to be a human bridge, crossing between cultures and inviting others to do the same, all the while looking for meaning and purpose. Bridge Between Worlds is both deeply personal and a universal story of searching for a sense of belonging and home. With honesty, creativity, and humor, Hala Buck shares her story with the hope of inspiring and encouraging readers to explore their own stories and discover, as she has, new understanding, perspectives, and gifts on their journey.

Year: 2019


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