Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine by Ibtisam Barakat

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From award-winning Palestinian author Ibtisam Barakat comes a touching account of coming of age against a backdrop of political turmoil in the Middle East.


Picking up where Ibtisam Barakat's first memoir, Tasting the Sky, left off, Balcony on the Moon follows her through her childhood and adolescence in Palestine from 1972-1981 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War.


This memoir about pursuing dreams in the face of adversity chronicles Ibitsam's desire to be a writer and shows how she finds inspiration through writing letters to pen pals and from an adult who encourages her to keep at it. But the most surprising turn of all for Ibtisam happens when her mother decides that she would like to seek out an education, too.


Enlightening and at times funny, Balcony on the Moon is a not often depicted look at daily life in a politically tumultuous region.


A Margaret Ferguson Book


Praise for Balcony on the Moon:


"This is a compelling personal history, brimming with humor, wisdom, and empathy." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review


"This intense memoir paints a dark picture of growing up in Israeli-occupied Palestine, where 'we are made to live with no land, no country, no rights, no safety, and no respect for our dignity.' . . . A poetic, deeply felt coming-of-age story." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review


"[A] memoir and winner of the Arab American Book Award, Barakat moves beyond her early school years during the Six-Day War and its uprooting aftermath. She focuses on the years 1971-81, when she--a feisty protofeminist--and her family shifted about in the occupied West Bank, trying to find a place that felt safe and like home. . . The beauty of the writing is its clear-eyed matter-of-fact-ness." -- Booklist


"Highly recommended for upper middle school and high school libraries." -- School Library Journal

Year: 2018


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