APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA! APARTHEID ISRAEL!: Ticking the Boxes of Occupation and Dispossession by Brian J. Brown

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Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel! considers how the policies of the State of Israel, in violently dispossessing Palestinians of their land, nationality, and human rights, replicates policies of South Africa’s era of Grand Apartheid.

It suggests that in comparative terms and in regard to international law, Israel is practicing a crime against humanity, the Crime of Apartheid.

For Jews and Palestinians alike, their freedoms remain indivisible.

“Both theological and political, easily readable and full of documented facts, we are reminded that silence before Apartheid is complicity with the crime.” Rifat Kassis, Global Justice for Palestine

“…magisterial, thoughtful, clear, and comprehensive; grounded in faith and a lifetime of experience.” Dr. Peter Makari, Global Ministries – Middle East & Europe, Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ.

an essential read for all those who seek the truth about Israel’s fundamental racism against the Palestinian people Rev Dr Naim Ateek, Founder Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem.

“..prophetic in nature: It calls things by their name. It provides a solid analysis of two different contexts, that of South Africa and that of Israel, to discover stunning similarities of dispossession of land, human and national rights in gross violation to international law Rev. Prof. Dr. Mitri Raheb. President, Dar Al-Kalima University, Bethlehem, Palestine.

“The two-country comparison is exceptional. [It] lifts the debate to engage upon the basic morality or ethics that no one can ignore. The author is saluted for treading into a contested, emotive and also dangerous field. … of historic importance. Horst Kleinschmidt.

“No one else could have written this book - it is written from the heart of Christian resistance to apartheid. The author was one of those within the banned Christian Institute of South Africa who cracked the theological wall of the apartheid-promoting Dutch Reformed Church from which so much else flowed. Paul Renshaw, former Secretary for international affairs, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

“…well documented and compelling read. One of the themes is the weak response by Western Churches to an obvious injustice in Palestine. Rev. John Parkin, Methodist Church, Ireland.

“A fantastic book, so well done, so much detail and unarguable parallels with Apartheid South Africa. [A] solid basis for the ongoing and likely increasing debate.” Rev. David Haslam MBE.

“… augments the voices of Palestinian Christians who, in their 2020 "Cry for Hope", urged the international community to see the reality of apartheid ... Brown's analysis supports that conviction ... His thesis reminds us of history and opens our eyes to present horrors. He skillfully challenges us, Christians and others, to stand up for Palestinian equal rights, freedom and justice.” Lisa Bender: Organizer, United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) for Palestinian rights.

“… designating Israel as an apartheid state does not depend solely on comparisons with South Africa. Apartheid indicates a legal status, a conviction [strengthened by] International and Israeli Human Rights groups which have made public their conclusion that Israel is an apartheid state. Brown states: ‘South Africa’s prophets and dissidents were ultimately heard, even applauded internationally. It is disturbing to contrast the vigorous solidarity then expressed by Churches regarding Black dispossession with the reluctance of any to protest Palestinian dispossession now.’ … a readable book will be a reference point for years to come.” Rev. Warren Bardsley.
Year: 2022

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