The Money and Banking History of Kuwait by Brian Kettell

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 Kuwait lies at the head of the Arabian Gulf bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is located close to the frontier between Iraq and Iran. Kuwait forcefully entered the modern era in 1938 when oil was discovered although it was not fully exploited until the early 1950s. By the 1960s Kuwait had become the richest country in the world (wealth being measured in terms of national income per capita). In 1961 Kuwait gained its independence from Great Britain, a significant milestone in its political and economic development. This story of the money and banking history of Kuwait provides a fresh perspective on a nation that within a matter of decades has become a sophisticated banking centre. Author Brian Kettell was motivated to write this thorough account of the subject because of the lack of detailed texts available. He explains Kuwait's unique story lucidly and with authority. The book will be of interest to the layman and expert alike providing fresh insights and comprehensive detail. The text is largely based on data available from the UK archives thereby providing a unique insight into the rich history of money and banking in Kuwait. Brian is uniquely placed as an expert in money and banking of the Middle East having worked in the region in several senior banking and financial positions. He most recently worked as advisor to the CEO of a branch of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Prior to that he was Economic Advisor for the Central Bank of Bahrain and has had advisory positions at a range of financial institutions including Noor Islamic Bank (UAE), the African Development Bank and the UK Treasury. He has published 28 books on banking and financial markets and currently lives in the UAE.

Year: 2022


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