Saudi Style Recipes: Your GO-TO Cookbook of Middle Eastern Dish Ideas! by Daniel Humphrys

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Have you fallen in love with the spicy, tangy recipes of Saudi Arabia? You probably think their dishes would be difficult to recreate at home, right? Nope! The trick is getting all the nuances right in the Saudi dishes you make. This cookbook will help.

Saudi Arabian dishes have not changed much in thousands of years. Some of the more common ingredients include potatoes, yogurt, lamb, rice and wheat. They prepare some Egyptian dishes, as well.

The national dish of Saudi Arabia is Kabsa, which can be made with chicken, lamb or other meats. They also include rice, and many spices.

Would you like to WOW your family and guests with authentic Saudi dishes? These recipes will show you how.

The meals served in Saudi Arabia depend on the region people live in. Bedouin nomads eat simpler fare then those who live in urban areas, as most people in the country do now. The basic building blocks are much the same, though, including beans, rice, wheat, chicken, yogurt and dates.

Turn the page and start preparing some great Middle Eastern recipes at home!

Year: 2019


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