Persian: Here and Now Book II, Intermediate Persian by Reza Farokhfal

$ 90.00

CONTAINING more than 1000 high-frequency vocabulary items as well as numerous idioms and idiomatic expressions, Book II of Persian: Here and Now has been crafted for teaching at the intermediate level - second year of Persian (Farsi) in academic programs. Book II as in the first volume, provides students with level-appropriate, grammatical and lexical material. It also introduces them to language within the culture through a variety of relevant, comprehensible, here and now representations of mainstream Iranian culture today. The textual material and the oral/written activities of this book have been structured and developed to be "communicative" in nature. Students are asked to engage in three different modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational. Book II of Persian: Here and Now is designed to equip second year students of Persian with competencies as stipulated in the ACTF proficiency guidelines.

Year: 2014


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