Egypt's Past and Potential: Nationalism, Neoliberalism, and Revolution by Derek A. Ide

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Egypt's Past and Potential grapples with the complex political, economic, and social dynamics that led to Egypt's historic revolution of 2011. Utilizing a critical framework, author Derek Ide analyzes the country's development ranging from Nasser-era nationalism to the decades of neoliberal "reform" in order to situate the revolutionary uprising of 2011 in its appropriate historical context. The book also draws out the unique and often overlooked working class tradition in Egypt which both predated the January 25th revolution and, contrary to the common sense of many Western commentators, played a significant role in it. This timely book delivers a cogent analysis as events in Egypt continue to unfold, and provides a historical backdrop to help readers understand the economic pressures, dialectical conflicts, and social movements that intersect to shape Egyptian history.

Year: 2015


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