Asabiyya and State: A Reconstruction of Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of History

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Ibn Khaldun’s chief contribution lies in philosophy of history and sociology. He sought to write a world history pre-ambled by a first volume aimed at offering a theoretical analysis of historical events. This volume, commonly known as Muqaddimah or ‘Prolegomena’, was based on Ibn Khaldun’s unique theoretical approach and original scientific contribution and became a masterpiece in literature on philosophy of history and sociology. In this book Dr Kamal Mirawdeli reconstructs Ibn Khladun’s theory of history in a clear systematic way grasping not only his original themes and innovative ideas but also offering a very accessible analytical context which helps the reader to understand the conditions of the possibility of Ibn Khaldun’s philosophy of history, its mode of existence and its political function as a tool for explaining the relationship between knowledge and power.

Year: 2015


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