Activism in Jordan by Pénélope Larzillière

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The uprisings of the Arab Spring drew attention not only to the nations in which they occurred, but also to still-standing authoritarian regimes in surrounding nations. Among those, Jordan is, paradoxically, both one of the most democratically limited and the most stable—yet despite the many obstacles to political activity, it nonetheless is home to a growing opposition movement.

Activism in Jordan charts the history and potential of democratic activism in Jordan, showing how opposition has shifted in recent years from underground movements to the closely controlled public sphere. Talking to activists both new and long-standing, Pénélope Larzillière reveals their motivations, their commitments, and the often terrible consequences of their activism for their lives, livelihood, and families. Their accounts of their political journeys not only shed light on the potential for change in Bahrain, but on the general conditions necessary for activism in a repressive regime and the meaning people attach to their commitment and their chosen ideologies.

Year: 2016


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