Ever Since I Did Not Die by Ramy Al-Asheq, translated by Isis Nusair, edited by Levi Thompson

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"I gathered these texts like someone collecting body parts. Here are the pieces of my body, haphazardly brought together in a paper bag. It looks like me with all my madness and sickness--how the revolution made me grow up, what the war broke inside me, and what exile chipped away."


The texts gathered in Ever Since I Did Not Die by Syrian-Palestinian poet Ramy Al-Asheq are a poignant record of a fateful journey. Having grown up in a refugee camp in Damascus, Al-Asheq was imprisoned and persecuted by the regime in 2011 during the Syrian Revolution. He was released from jail, only to be recaptured and imprisoned in Jordan. After escaping from prison, he spent two years in Jordan under a fake name and passport, during which he won a literary fellowship that allowed him to travel to Germany in 2014, where he now lives and writes in exile.


Through seventeen powerful testimonies, Ever Since I Did Not Die vividly depicts what it means to live through war. Exquisitely weaving the past with the present and fond memories with brutal realities, this volume celebrates resistance through words that refuse to surrender and continue to create beauty amidst destruction--one of the most potent ways to survive in the darkest of hours.

Ramy Al-Asheq is a Syrian-Palestinian poet, journalist, and curator based in Berlin. He has published five poetry collections in Arabic, and many of his texts have been translated and published around the world. He launched the German-Arabic magazine FANN in 2017 and was recently selected as a fellow at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and Academy Schloss Solitude.

Levi Thompson is assistant professor of Arabic at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Year: 2021


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