The King without a Trade: Bilingual English-Arabic Edition by Idries Shah, Illustrated by Tanja Stevanovic

$ 12.00

(Bilingual English-Arabic Edition) A king, who wants for nothing, learns that a life of plenty doesn't make up for a lack of skills or common sense. Once he has learned his lesson, the king is careful to make sure that his daughter marries a man who can earn his own living. Rather than the usual happily-ever-after story of a prince and princess, this tale shows children that taking the time to learn is far better, in the long run, than being handed everything on a plate.This story is one of many teaching stories collected and adapted by the Afghan philosopher Idries Shah, who told them to his own children to promote thinking skills and impart wisdom. These unique tales have their roots in Central Asia and the Middle East. They are published now in beautifully illustrated editions, so as to appeal both to children in the lands in which they originated and to children in the West, the aim being to teach through humor and example, and to draw attention to our commonalties.

Year: 2023


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