The ABCs of Persian Food: A Picture Book by Sunny Sanaz Shokrae and Ly Ngo Heisig

$ 14.99

Learn all about Persian food and culture in this ABC book sure to feed young learners' minds from author Sunny Sanaz Shokrae and illustrator Ly Ngo Heisig.

From Anar to Zereshk, this boldly colored picture book proves that the way to anyone's heart--and appreciation of a new culture--is through their stomach! The ABCs of Persian Food introduces a Persian dish for each letter of the alphabet, with the aim of teaching phonetics and conversational Persian to pre-readers.

Examples of the dishes include: F is for Fesenjan, a slow-cooked chicken stew with toasted walnuts and pomegranate molasses; L is for Lavashak, a fruit leather snack Iranian kids love; and R is for Reshteh polo, a special rice and noodle dish served on the Spring Equinox. With graphic art sure to catch the eye of young readers as well as their caregivers, this picture book is a delightful new way to teach the alphabet. Nooshejaan!

Extended back matter includes a glossary for English-speaking readers, complete with phonetic pronunciation, Persian text, and a tantalizing description of each featured food.

Year: 2024


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