Survival Tunisian Arabic: A Phrasebook To Get Around in Tunisia by Mohamed Bacha

$ 20.00

Survival Tunisian Arabic is a handy phrasebook that contains basic vocabulary and expressions necessary for getting around in Tunisia or elsewhere where there is a need to communicate in Tunisian Arabic. It contains all the necessary words and phrases for speaking Tunisian Arabic (TA) in any kind of setting. Perfect for students, tourists or business people learning TA or travelling to Tunisia. It is organized by situations where one might need to speak TA such as at the hotel, in a taxi, to give instructions to servants and waiters, shopping, talking with friends, etc. Some words and expressions are listed with their parallels in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in Romanized and Arabic script: the reason for this is that MSA, despite not being the mother spoken language of anyone, is the standard official language of Tunisia and the Arab world and is widely used - both in its written and oral forms - in a different set of situations which are usually formal such as: oral and written public announcments (in airports, public transportation, government offices), signs of shops and stores, newspapers, TV and radio news bradcast, conferences etc. Moreover, in the case of difficulties the book can be shown to the person the user is trying to communicate with, and people are more familiar with reading in MSA ! An opportunity for the reader to compare between TA, as a colloquial form of Arabic spoken in Tunisia, and MSA, the official language of Tunisia and the lingua franca of the Arab world ! MSA examplary phrases are highlighted in order to differentiate them from TA examples. Tunisian Arabic words and phrases are written in an easy Romanized form. For an in-depth study of Tunisian Arabic, please refer to our previously published textbooks: Tunisian Arabic in 24 Lessons ; Tunisian Arabic in 30 Lessons ; and the supplement: Tunisian Arabic - English Dictionary. Find updates and news at our facebook page Blogger


Year: 2015


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