Step-By-Step Arabic Language by Nisreen Neqresh Beshqoy

$ 60.00

Step-By-Step Arabic Language is a comprehensive and complete Arabic language learning system. This textbook includes all of the essential grammar rules and sentence construction to learn the Arabic language. The lessons are designed to build a strong foundation for the student to build upon, from the beginner to intermediate levels. Nisreen Beshqoy wanted to create a new system of teaching the language by utilizing its natural built-in rhyming system, from the language's origin of the 'three letter root'. Every word has a root that has three letters, which is the core of the word, and to that core, we can add special letters that create many words --- and families of words. Step-By-Step Arabic Language textbook is intended to be a learning resource that can be used in colleges and universities, or at-home for the independent learners.

Year: 2023


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