Levantine Arabic Verbs: Conjugation Tables and Grammar by Matthew Aldrich

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Master verb conjugation and natural pronunciation with Levantine Arabic Verbs.

  • 100+ conjugation tables of some of the most common verbs (and 'pseudo-verb' prepositional phrases) used in daily language.
  • Phonemic transcription alongside the Arabic script in the conjugation tables to aid in accurate pronunciation and help learners get used to Arabic script as written for the dialect.
  • Usage notes.
  • Example sentences under each conjugation table with the verbs in various persons and tenses, demonstrating different meanings and idiomatic uses.
  • All conjugated verb forms in all tables and example sentences appear on the downloadable audio tracks, spoken by a native speaker from Lebanon.
  • Grammar reference for Levantine verbs (forms and uses of tenses and moods, negative verbs, compound tenses, etc.)
  • Indexes with 750 more verbs which can be conjugated using the conjugation tables as models.

Year: 2020

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