Letters to My Brown Mother: Stories of Mental Health by Muzna Abbas

$ 19.95

What happens when we dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health in South Asian communities?

Muzna Abbas examines historical events, migration patterns, and cultural communities to understand why South Asian migrants fail to adequately address mental health. She shows how culture, gender, and religion intersect to impact immigrants and their posterity. Abbas not only offers facts and figures, but personifies the mental health crisis through letters by South Asians from different walks of life, including a queer adult to his younger self and a young woman in a toxic marriage. The book culminates in a call to action by offering readers advice on seeking culturally-sensitive therapy, self-care practices, and imperative conversations.

Letters to My Brown Mother includes heart-wrenching anecdotes and soulful descriptions that promise to educate and change the South Asian community for the better.

Year: 2021


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