Jerusalem: The Key to Peace (Arabic) by Walid Khalidi/ القدس مفتاح السلام

$ 10.00

This book is in Arabic. This book consists of a compilation of studies on Jerusalem, written by renowned Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi over the span of many years. The earliest studies date back to 1967, at which time Khalidi worked as a consultant to the Iraqi delegation during the UN General Assembly’s emergency special session (14/7/1967) in the aftermath of the six Days war, later works featured include Khalidi’s speech at a special UN event, held in the UN’s Trusteeship Council Hall, to commemorate the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (30/11/2009). Many of these studies were presented in various Arab and Western capitals on various occasions and appeared in both English and Arabic languages.

Year: 2017


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