Everyday Politics in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by Matteo Capasso

$ 35.00

Treating the everyday as central to the study of regional and international politics, this book reconstructs the last two decades of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, leading up to the 2011 events that sanctioned its fall. It provides a unique and vivid look into the political dynamics that characterized the everyday lives of Libyans, offering a compelling counterargument to those who insist on framing the history of the country as a stateless, authoritarian, and rogue state. Based on the collection of oral histories, what sets the tempo of this journey is an extensive collection of personal anecdotes, moods and emotions, popular jokes and rumors. In weaving the threads that link these quotidian lives to Libya's interaction with wider international and geopolitical dynamics, the book offers a unique and timely analysis of the 2011 events that witnessed the fall of the regime reaching the current state of violence, war, and hope.

Matteo Capasso is a Marie Curie Global Research Fellow with the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage at Ca' Foscari Universityof Venice, and the Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies Department at Columbia University.

Year: 2023


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