David Bellamy's Arabian Light: An Artists Journey Through Deserts, Mountains and Souks by David Bellamy

$ 40.00

Explore the deserts, mountains and souks of the Middle East, with best-selling author and artist David Bellamy.


The book is divided into chapters according to region: South Arabia and the Swahili Coast; Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon, Dubai, and Oman. Like Arctic Light, the book will provide an intriguing and entertaining insight into the region as a whole - its history, culture, customs, geography and way of life - all written from the perspective of an artist and filled with personal anecdotes and spiced with humour.


The illustrations cover a wide variety of subject matter, including desert and mountain scenery, souqs, ancient ruins, temples and monuments, various characters, dhows, feluccas and coastal scenes, mosques and Islamic architecture, Bedouin life and much more.

Year: 2022


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