Conflict and Peace in the Middle East: National Perceptions and United States-Jordan Relations by Hatem Shareef Abu-Lebdeh

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The Middle East plays a significant role in world affairs, as the region continues to experience political, economic, and military upheavals that have international implications. The daily developments in Middle East issues influence both regional and international affairs.

In Conflict and Peace in the Middle East, Dr. Abu-Lebdeh traces the origins of current conflict by analyzing historical events and formative issues in the Middle East. He details, from the turn of the 20th century, the impact of the Ottoman Empire, the Anglo-French alliance, the two World Wars, and foreign intervention in the region, as well as more recent events such as the fall of the Soviet Union and the Persian Gulf War, relating these to the present situation and the Middle East peace process.

As a foundation for this analysis, Dr. Abu-Lebdeh explains selected approaches to the study of bilateral relations: system analysis, influence, national interest, and national perceptions. Using the perceptual approach, the book examines the impact of national perceptions on the Arab-Israeli conflict and inter-Arab relations. It highlights U.S. interaction with Middle Eastern countries, particularly U.S.-Jordan relations, in demonstrating how perceptual changes affect national policies. Dr. Abu-Lebdeh also examines relationships between perceptual changes and policy modifications.

The book analyzes the Arab-Israeli conflict and the crucial role of the United States as mediator and facilitator in the Middle East peace process. Within the perceptual framework, the book discusses such developments as the Oslo agreement, the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty, and the incremental steps toward comprehensive peace accords.
With its thorough historical background and solid political scholarship and analysis, this book helps illuminate the origins and complexity of, and current responses to, Middle East conflict and peace.

Year: 1997


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