America and the Yemens: A Complex and Tragic Encounter by Bruce Riedel

$ 30.00

In this book, Bruce Riedel, one of America's leading experts on the Middle East, provides a history of US relations with the various entities of north and south Yemen, and the first in-depth review of America's role in the deadly Saudi directed war in the Yemens. Three Presidents--Obama, Trump, and Biden-- have been deeply involved in this conflict. Riedel places this current war in the context of America's history of engaging with the Yemens. From President Kennedy's handling of a Soviet and Egyptian coup in Yemen in the fall of 1962 to multiple Presidents interaction with the dictator Ali Abdallah Salih who united the Yemens this is a fascinating story with a colorful cast of characters, America and the Yemens will be of interest to readers seeking to have a better understanding of America's role in the Middle East and the tragic encounter that has created the worst humanitarian catastrophe in our lives.

Year: 2023


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