Palestine Coffee

$ 10.00 $ 20.00

Palestine coffee, or knows as “Qahwah Arbaye”, is a symbol of hospitality and served throughout the day. Roasted in Bethlehem, Palestine with sweet notes of cardamom spices, the aroma will make anyone feel right at home. Traditional medium roasted coffee is referred to as “Half & Half.”

Coffee Information:

  • When you purchase a bag of Palestine coffee, you are supporting Palestinian artisans.
  • Medium Roasted 9 OZ 
  • We recommend one T- spoon of coffee per cup

How to Prepare (for 2 cups):

  1. Add 250ml (9 fl. oz.) to a pot of your choice
  2. Add both the Arabic coffee and you desired sugar amount to the water
  3. Stir all gently together
  4. Allow the coffee to come to a boil
  5. Move away from heat to avoid boiling over
  6. Serve and enjoy

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